Pyrgos Restaurant

Available For Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Pyrgos Restaurant is the perfect spot for a special wedding party with a panoramic island view.
The restaurant’s twenty years plus experience will make your special day a fabulous success. Pyrgos Restaurant
features a beautiful setting and offers true privacy and exclusiveness.

The facility is designed to create a modern, contemporary feel allowing guests to enjoy the event whether they are
in the outside foyer enjoying meals, having drinks, or taking pictures of the extraordinary island view, vineyards and unique sunset.

Wedding Venue

Pyrgos Restaurant offers four different sites for weddings, each one unique and private with the same breathtaking
view of whole island. You can hold your wedding reception in the garden or inside the restaurant.
This is good choice for weddings with lots of guests.
You can select different menus, based on traditional Greek cuisine.

Seating Arrangements

Outside area – 60 to 150 persons
Upstairs – 35 to 60 persons
Ground Floor – 120 to 500 persons
Downstairs – 35 to 100 persons