Wedding cakes

Wedding and Event Catering Services

Catering is another important aspect and we can provide you with a number of choices to choose from, no matter the size of your event, the number of your guests and the types of food and drink you want to have available. We have the most experienced Greek wedding and event Caterers who will do the best to exceed the expectations and tease the taste buds even of your most demanding guests. You can choose seafood, local menus, traditional tastes and a wide range of Greek and international desserts.

Our philosophy is to provide you with excellent service, combined with amazing presentation and high quality products.  Some may be seasonal while others local, organic, bio and vegan.

Our Caterer will value your special occasion and strive to make it a memorable one. Our wedding specialists are passionate about helping you plan the perfect day. They dig deep to create a menu that you will hear people talking about for long after your wedding is over.

Photography: By Giota Zoumbou & Takis Gotsopoulos