Wedding paperwork in Greece

Legal Paperwork For Your Wedding In Greece

There are some important paperwork steps that need to be accomplished so that you get legally married in Greece. No matter which country you come from, you have to gather a bunch of approved papers with an Apostille and translate them at either, the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Translation Services) in Greece, or at your nearby Consulate Office at the Greek Embassy. You can count on our experience to consult you and guide you through with this.

You should start collecting your paperwork about 3 months prior to your wedding.  You will send us the documents at least 1 month before your wedding in Greece. We are able to  inform you about every detail so we can keep you out of stress.

Photography: By Giota Zoumbou & Takis Gotsopoulos

legal paperwork for your wedding in greece2

Catholic wedding documents

  1. Passport Copies For Both Bride And Groom
  2. Birth Certificates Of Bride And Groom
    Both parties are obliged to provide a full birth certificate. Shorter versions will not be accepted.
  3. Baptism records of both parties
  4.  NIHIL OBSTAT: Letter from the Bishop of your Parish (written on letterhead of your Bishop’s office)
    This is one of the most important document required by the Italian religious Authorities. This letter must specify that you have NO IMPEDIMENT to get married in the Italian Church you selected (specify the name) at the date requested.
    This letter certify that the religious authorities over your local priest have approved your wedding in Italy.
  5. Divorce Certificate If Any (From Civil And Church Authorities)
    If either party has been divorced, please provide a certified copy of the Decree Absolute.
  6. Freedom to marry certificate